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Turning barani lands into opportunities

We use technology to build fast, re-generative food and commercial forests across Pakistan

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Agrihood's Specialised Areas

Have a forestry project in mind, here is how we can help!

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Commercial Agro-Forestry

We help investors participate in commercial forestry operations with Agrihood as long-term operations and management (O&M) and execution partner. We target high value, dividend yielding crops, such as dates, palm, soya, olives and citrus with focu to manage a long-gestation project with 10-15% allocation to cash crops and 10-15% to livestock.

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Net Zero Mandate

We help organizations meet their imminent net-zero mandates, such as in textiles and aviation. Our team works with your organisation to calculate carbon footprint (with level 1, 2 and 3 scoping). Agrihood then supports end to end project development and execution in forestry to achieve your target net-zero mandate with focus on governance and transparency.

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We are one of the pioneers of afforestation technique in Pakistan for rewilding cities as well as remote landscapes. Agrhood's experienced team is fully geared to create Miyawaki forests everywhere as carbon sinks and revival of biodiversity. We support end to end execution of projects with an aim to deploy 10x faster growth and 30x leaf surface area in these forests.

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CSR Forestry

We help companies achieve and implement their CSR initiatives in sustainable forestry as a showcase of support to Pakistan’s environmental ecosystem and preservation efforts. Agrihood partners with an organization to channelize its CSR initiatives in forestry, with focus on ESG impacts, community development and livelihood support.

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Agrihood's mission is to build climate resilient forests at scale across Pakistan.

Demand for wood and staple food is accelerating rapidly in Pakistan but domestic supply is not keeping pace – with serious consequences. Alarmingly, even with wood and food imports rising dramatically, commercial forestry is not practiced at a larger scale.

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Food security and poverty are inter-linked

Pakistan's population is expected to double by 2050, boosting agricultural demand by some 50 percent. This will require commensurate shifts in output with added pressure on natural resources.

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Climate change having negative consequences

Every year, Pakistan loses 50,000 acre to Barani lands. With rise in population and compound with future climate change impacts, this trend is un-sustainable.

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Critical parts of Pakistan's agriculture is becoming capital intensive

This is happening from input provisioning to food distribution. Small scale producers and landless households are the first to lose out and increasingly seek employment opportunities outside of agriculture.

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Hunger and extreme poverty will become imminent by next decade.

Despite undeniable progress in reducing rates of undernourishment and improving levels of nutrition and health in Pakistan, almost 20 million people are chronically hungry and 38% children suffer from stunting.

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Building a dream forest together.

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We use modern Agri-tech tools to speed up afforestation process.

Our forests grow 3x faster and can typically withstand climatic conditions for 100-150 years on their own.

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Productive use of energy

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Using modern energy tools from High Efficiency Irrigation System (HEIS) to solar energy and precision farming, we speed up the afforestation process by 2x.

Precision farming and field forecasting


Using dynamic data inputs in conjunction with weather forecasts and historical data analysis, we use technology to our advantage and expedite afforestation.

Crop study and analysis


Each area is different and understanding local context is paramount to successful execution. Our detailed deep dive into local cropping trends is essential to understand what will work and what will not.


Afforestation represents an unparalleled economic opportunity.

A typical barani land appreciates by 3-10x when it is fully recovered and soil is fertile. At the same time, Agrihood's forest plays a critical role in green growth. They meet the growing demands for food, fiber, and other bio-products. Because all our forests are solar-powered, renewable, and store carbon as they grow, they also have the potential to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and mitigate climate change by substituting for fossil fuels.

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