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Afforestation represents an unparalleled economic opportunity.

Agrihood’s mission is to build food forests at scale across Pakistan. We believe forests are one of the most mismanaged resources in Pakistan and this is partly because forests are seriously undervalued and many of their environmental benefits are not captured by market forces. Uncoordinated policies (for example in agriculture, energy, mining and transportation) has also affected forest cover and poor governance has fuelled rent-seeking and illegal activities. We believe this all needs to change.

Agrihood believes in steering towards forest friendly Pakistan. We use modern approaches to build fast, re-generative forests. While normal forests take up to 7 years to bloom, Agrihood uses Ag-tech tools, optimal farm design practices and productive uses of energy to speed up the afforestation process by 2-3x. While afforestation represent environmental benefits, they also provides us with economic benefits, such as a much higher land value when it is fully fertile and rejuvenated. Because all our forest resources are solar-powered, and renewable, and store carbon as they grow, they also have the potential to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and mitigate climate change by substituting fossil fuels.

Come join the Agrihood’s movement in building climate resilient food forests across Pakistan. 

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