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Support Forest for Corporate Social Responsibility

Trees are also good business

Supporting a food forest comes with a lot of advantages. It means greater employee ​and customer engagement - as everyone loves trees! It also means that you go a long way in supporting local communities in South Punjab and Sindh, where farmers live in destitute conditions. Plus, you bring food and bio-diversity to surroundings and improve livelihood conditions. 

What's more! You'll be able to regularly share communications material about your project. This can also help you meet the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and enhance your company's vision for doing good.

Simply put, our partners find that trees make good company - literally!

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Compensate your Carbon Footprint

The best carbon is the carbon that is never emitted.

We encourage every company in Pakistan to reduce and avoid emissions. Now you can showcase a food forests with Agrihood and demonstrate real impact.

We believe that when carbon sequestration is needed, the best technology is a tree. They are an amazing carbon sink: 50% of a tree's biomass is carbon that can stay sequestered for as long as the tree is protected.

Sunset over Vineyard

We Build a Food Forest for You

Our food forests are climate resilient and can typically last long for 150-200 years.

Advertise for Greater Client and Employee Engagement

Agrihood sends you advertising material that you can showcase to customers and employees.

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Demonstrate Real Impact

Through food forests, benefit local communities with food and improved livelihood conditions.

Support a Forest: Our Technology

Impact Marketing with Trees Build Brand Affinity

Make trees a good business partner

Improve customer engagement

Impact marketing with trees increases brand affinity with the growing number of consumers who prefer brands that contribute to the well-being of the planet, compared to those that do not.

Improve financial returns

Previous campaigns such as Barbantia campaign shows 17% growth in sales volume, 24% growth in sales margin, 80% email opening rate, 35% telling a friend about it.

Reduce your carbon footprint

Pakistan needs a large amount of carbon sequestration to mitigate climate chance impacts, and the best technology is a tree. They are an amazing carbon sink.

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Meet our Food Forests



Our methodology ensures faster growth of forests, up to 10x compared with conventional techniques.



Our forests have 30x leaf surface area compared with conventional plantations.



Inspired by nature, our forest are highly biodiverse, supporting multiple life forms that help create ecosystems in equilibrium.



No chemical fertilizer, insecticide or pesticides are ever used in our production system

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How it Works

Ready to take the first tree step?

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Agrihood and your team get together for an initial consultation.

Client 3


Agrihood gives a detailed proposal on your food forests.

Client 5

Ground Work

We initiate ground work, improve soil fertility and bring your food forest to life.

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Monitor and Report

We provide detailed monthly reports, including pictures and adverts for your clients.

Support a Forest: Partners
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